Our Facility

Based in Kent, our expansive workshop houses a range of different machining tools such as lathes, mills, drills and grinding machines designer to create precise, accurate and high-quality finished products to your exact requirements.

Precision, versatility, flexibility and speed

Workshop machining ensures a high level of precision in creating and modifying parts and components with versatile options and a huge amount of flexibility to create custom designs. With the help of our CNC machines our team can work quickly and efficiently whilst ensuring all finished products are of high quality.

On-site facilities

CNC Turning

We can perform a variety of CNC turning tasks on various types of material (straight, conical, curved and grooved), to complete your repair, maintenance or manufacturing project.

CNC Milling

CNC milling is a manufacturing process in which a material (such as metal or plastic) is cut using a specialised machine called a mill.

CNC Roll Grinding​

Computer Numerical Control revolutionised the ability of the cylindrical grinder, giving it precise directions on every dimension and measurement

CNC Boring

Boring machines are specifically designed to precisely enlarge pre-drilled or cast holes in a variety of industries to an exact diameter.

From the smallest...

Particularly well-suit to small scale projects due to the precision of the tools, workshop machining is a great solution, with great flexibly, quality and speed being key advantages. In addition, workshop machining is carried out in a controlled environment making it safer for workers than other manufacturing methods, especially for smaller projects.

... to the largest

Workshop machining is a perfect option for large scale projects that require custom-made or one-of-a-kind parts and components or require high precision. A valuable option if you are looking for flexibility in your production process, our machines can be quickly adapted to represent changes in design or production runs.