Case Studies


subsea cable market

cross head breaker plate


6 weeks

The Brief:

We were required to manufacture a cross head breaker plate which was manufactured in P20 steel and was 340mm diameter and turned to a high tolerance for the subsea cable market, and used the CMZ Lathe to full advantage in this project.

The machine has integrated air-cooled spindle motors which eliminate the need for belts and their resulting pressure. The load capacity is therefore up to 500 times bigger, and the operation is smoother, more powerful and less noisy, leading to a superior surface finish – especially suitable for small batch production.

The spindle encoder is built-in and rotates together with the spindle rotation – thus on C-Axis mode machining accuracy is 10 times higher than with conventional spindles.

The CMZ Lathe is particularly suitable for small diameter metals, and has been extensively used to machine roll shafts, top hat conveyor wheels and paper mill roll journals, as well as boring bars for the oil and gas markets.