Case Studies



roll grinding


6 weeks

The Brief:

Large capacity cylindrical roll grinding of a worn black diamond cover from a paper mill, weighing 8 tonnes and measuring 6.5 meters long.

We have the capability to perform large capacity cylindrical roll grinding on worn Black Diamond covers from paper mills. The rolls measure 8 tonnes in weight and 6.5 meters in length.

The Solution:

Our specialised cylindrical roll grinder, designed specifically for grinding rolls used in industries such as paper mills, steel mills, and printing, was utilised for this task. Equipped with abrasive grinding wheels, this precision grinding machine effectively removed material from the rolls’ cylindrical surface, restored its dimensions, and achieved the desired surface finish.

Our skilled operators, experienced in cylindrical roll grinding, carefully set up the rolls on the cylindrical roll grinder. They ensured precise alignment and made any necessary adjustments to optimize the grinding process.

Leveraging our large CNC Churchill roll grinder, we efficiently and accurately ground the worn Black Diamond cover, ensuring it met the required dimensional accuracy and surface finish. This process was crucial for enhancing the rolls’ performance and prolonging their lifespan in the demanding environment of a paper mill. Our commitment to utilizing advanced machinery and skilled operators guaranteed exceptional results in cylindrical roll grinding, providing our clients with high-quality roll surfaces that met their specific requirements.