Case Studies



6000hp Fragmentiser repair


4 weeks start to finish

The Brief:

We had an enquiry from our customer to repair a worn 30 Tonne Rotor shaft due to a bearing failure.

Having successfully repaired dozens of these over the past 25 years, this was not a problem for us.

The main shaft which runs the length of the Rotor is 6500mm long x 400mm Diameter and is manufactured from a forged steel material.

The repair required us to machine down the tapered journal seat to parallel then fit with a new SKF withdrawal sleeve. Once complete, this then allowed us to adjust and achieve the correct bearing centres for our customer rather than having to replace the whole shaft which is not cost effective.

Job Scope

To set the whole rotor up on our CNC Shanks lathe (which is our largest lathe in the factory) having a 35T load capacity and 2250mm swing and machine down the seized damaged areas of the shaft in question.

This was as you can imagine very difficult due to their size and length of the unit, it takes days to even set the rotor in the lathe.

Once set

we machined down the worn areas on the shaft ends and fitted new SKF withdrawal sleeves.

We then undertook a complete full re-build of the unit with housings and bearings.

On Completion

The unit was as good as new with a fresh new coat of paint, and was shipped to the customer for use when the next inevitable breakage occurs.