We offer design, manufacture and installation of machinery throughout various industry sectors, as well as installation of clients machines & equipment supplied by the OEM.

Our in-house installation team have a vast array or experience and the right skill set to ensure that any installations are carried out correctly and accurately, including the alignment during and post installation.

High Quality Finished Product

Hotchkiss Westwell have been relocating and installing equipment for over 40 years and has managed many different type projects over the years, from re-siting a simple condensate pump used in the Paper Industry to relocation of a 455 ton HLM (horizontal laying up cable making machine) from Norway to UK.

With 85+ years of knowledge and experience creating end products for our customers in a diverse range of industries we can ensure that all products are built exactly to their specifications. Seeing you through each part of the process from site visit to design & fabrication, then manufacture and installation.