In-situ Machining

In-situ Turning In the 1940’s and 50’s came several examples of the Westwell inventiveness, the most notable being the Portable rotary lathe (Patent numbers 913214 and 1130953) – a device which can accurately machine bearing journals on large rotating plant – a system which pioneered in-situ engineering.

Portable Rotary Lathes

Portable Rotary Lathes are available in sizes which allow the machining of journals from 75mm in diameter to 1 metre in diameter. The machines can be split to enable both ‘line shaft’ bearing areas and ‘open end’ journals to be turned In-Situ. In-situ Milling With four in-situ milling beds ranging from 1 metre to 8 metres in length and capable of milling areas as large as 6 metres by 1 metre, our skilled engineers can cut keyways from 100mm to 900mm wide, and up to 800mm long, in shafts as large as 630mm in diameter.


in-situ Boring

The resulting accuracy of this machinery means that our experienced operators can rig the equipment to the specific requirements of our customers according to each individual project. In-situ Grinding Westwell’s four in-situ machine beds measure up to 8 metres in length and have the capacity to surface finish cylinders of all sizes to the degree of finish necessary for the production of high quality paper or tissue. Belt finishing and super finishing heads are also available.

In-situ Turning

We have developed specialist equipment to In-Line bore gear cases on paper machine enclosed gear systems. We are able to machine, In-Situ, flange faces of up to 1 metre in diameter. Normally working within the Paper Industry, we have recently expanded to the Construction sector, completing projects to machine large diameter holes in roof rafters to amend structural errors.