Case Studies



Blast room fabrication and installation


6 months

The Brief:

Design and fabrication of two “Blast Enclosures” to Flowserve GB Ltd (Valves & Controls) in Haywards Heath. The purpose of these Blast Enclosures was to provide a safe environment where manufactured Valves for Oils, Water & Gas can be pressure tested to check the integrity of the seals & for any defects in the casting & machining of the Valve bodies.

The Blast Enclosures were replacing some existing Blast Enclosures which are of a much lower blast rating, these new Enclosures allowed the Valves to be tested to a much higher pressure without the fear of a failing Valve sending shrapnel into the workshops.

Job Scope

Over the next few months the fabrication of the blast rooms commenced.

The two Blast Enclosures measured approximately 6m long, by 5m wide & 4m tall were contstructed using Gravel filled Steel panels, measuring 125mm thick & fabricated from 12mm plate, the inside of the The doors (each measuring 2.5m wide by 4m tall) alone weighed 6 tonnes, so our designers created a way of making them in 2 halves for post assembly on site. This also enabled them to be lifted into place as the ceiling height would not allow for and type of crane.

With such scale and weight they couldnt be opened and closed by hand, so we supplied them with drive motors to open & close them. Along with this we also included a full safety door control system with solenoid operated door lock bolts & interlocks.

And… on the subject of the doors, the hinges were so heavy duty, they had to be specially made to order at a mere cost of £80,000 a set!!!

The interior of the assembly was finally fully lined out with 100mm thick timber.

Not only does it look great (which it really does), it also acts as an integral part of the design to slow down any fastmoving shrapnel from an exploding valve.

The first enclosure is now onsite and fully working, and it’s twin is currently in production and will be installed later in the year.