Case Studies


Water Industry - Sewage works Sussex

8m long Water Container main hood shafts


The main two hood cover drive shafts had seized up on the drive sprockets at the customer’s site. Leaving the site storage vessels unable to function.

The shafts are 8M long x 150mm in diameter and weigh around 2 Tonnes each.

Our Process

Setting up


The shafts were dismantled and set up on our CNC Binns and Berry long lathe, this was as you can imagine very difficult due to their size and length.

Machining down


Once set, we began to machine down the worn areas on the shaft ends to accommodate the new sleeves.

Stainless Steel Sleeves


We designed and machined new stainless steel 316 grade sleeves, made to preciscely fit onto the worn areas of the shaft.

Liquid Nitrogen


We used Liquid nitrogen to shrink the stainless steel sleeves onto the shaft areas (no welding needed).

Then the interference fit secures the sleeves in place.