Coded Welding

The pinnacle of expertise

Any important bespoke welding project, for example within the energy and utilities sectors, can only meet the prescribed stringent safety standards using a coded welder and trained operator.

Hotchkiss Westwell holds Coded Welder Approval to BS4872-1:1982 (ASME IX), which was awarded by the Safety Assessment Federation in May 2013. The approval extends to cover coded fillet welds of ferritic steels up to 8mm leg length.

One of our trained coded welders was recently called upon to repair part of a ride at Thorpe Park, welding a flange onto a long tube which was then attached via the flange onto the individual seat.
The coded welding ensured that the project was completed with safety of paramount importance, especially reassuring for passengers on a ride which swings 20 metres into the air.

As shown in the images here, our master welders and technicians were tasked with installing on-site a full stainless steel gantry and staircase system for a chemical company, to allow access to their laboratory equipment.

Stainless steel was the only option here, as a painted steel surface just wouldn’t suffice.

As the equipment was already in place, our highly skilled team hand fabricated the stainless steel framework around it.
Also, as the client demanded a perfect visual finish for the whole installation, every coded weld had to be to the finished standard – no grinding or sanding here – just perfect finished welds every time.

Once all of the works were complete and the protective sheeting was removed, the stainless steel structure really showed its beauty, reflecting light and interest from all angles.