Case Studies





6 weeks

The Brief:

Manufacture a Stainless Steel Fabrication and machine to customers objectives.

This was machine in house at HotchkissWestwell workshops on our large CNC milling machines.

On 3 March 1943 an air raid siren went off in Bethnal Green and locals made their way to the tube, seeking shelter underground.


What followed was the worst civilian disaster during the Second World War, a story that has only recently been properly commemorated in the Memorial sculpture outside Bethnal Green Tube Station.

The Solution:

The Bethnal Green Memorial is a tribute to the victims of the Bethnal Green Tube Station tragedy that occurred during World War II. On March 3, 1943, during an air raid, a large crowd sought shelter in the station’s staircase. In the panic caused by a false alarm, 173 individuals, including 62 children, were tragically killed in a devastating crush.

The Bethnal Green Memorial serves as a solemn reminder of the lives lost in this tragic event. It stands as a commemorative structure in the vicinity of the tube station, honouring the memory of those who perished. The memorial provides a space for reflection and remembrance, allowing visitors to pay their respects and acknowledge the impact of this historical tragedy on the local community and wider society.