Case Studies



2 tonne stainless steel tobacco vessel lid


6 weeks

The Brief:

This 2 tonne stainless steel tobacco vessel lid had to be CNC CAD CAM machined on our large capacity 5 Axis CNC milling machine, the diameter of the flange being 1.7m.

The mating faces were fully turned on our large CNC lathe before the part was moved on to our CNC milling machine, utilising its 15 tonne capacity rotating table to drill and scallop various holes in the dome as per the customer’s drawings.

The spindle encoder is built-in and rotates together with the spindle rotation – thus on C-Axis mode machining accuracy is 10 times higher than with conventional spindles.

The CMZ Lathe is particularly suitable for small diameter metals, and has been extensively used to machine roll shafts, top hat conveyor wheels and paper mill roll journals, as well as boring bars for the oil and gas markets.